November 01, 2010

Exit Moss

Seems like a couple of times a decade, the Vikings have a year in which everything just goes completely to hell, both on and off the field. 2010 is one of those years, especially with today's news that the team has waived Randy Moss, less than a month after surrendering a third round pick for him.

So on top of the Favre circus, we now have the departure of Moss, which Brad Childress supposedly orchestrated without the knowledge of the ownership or front office. My assumption when I heard the news was that Favre had demanded Moss' release and threatened to retire if it didn't happen.

I wasn't really on the "Fire Childress" bandwagon- the guy's clearly never been popular and the fans have never liked him, but they've been generally successful in his tenure- until today. This season is a complete disaster, and the team is probably a major rebuilding project away from being good again, with a new quarterback and a whole bunch of other new players, and I don't know that I want Chilly supervising that. And when it is time to rebuild, that third round pick sure would've helped.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 1, 2010 11:42 PM
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