November 03, 2010

2010 Election Thoughts

So after a disaster in which the Democrats lose 60 or so House seats and control of the House, they still control the White House and Senate. Presidents have had it worse.

It should be a fascinating two years. I don't expect a whole lot to get done, but then however much of Obama's agenda was going to pass had already passed in the first two years. I see tonight as being 95% about the economy, as opposed to a repudiation of health care or liberalism or America referring to its natural center-right state or whatever.

Now, it sets the stage for 2012, when the economy will presumably be better, there will have been infighting between the Republican leadership and elected Tea Partiers- as the GOP presidential contenders fight each other concurrently- and the Dems will be in better position.

Still, very sad to see certain people go- most notably Feingold, Sestak, Patrick Murphy, and a few others.

I don't see Alan Grayson's loss as a repudiation of far leftism; I see it as a repudiation of unhinged screaming and character assassination.

I was very, very happy to see Tom Tancredo lose. And Carl Paladino and Sharron Angle too. As for Christine O'Donnell, I can't believe she accidentally said "we won!" during her concession speech, much of which was spent begging Chris Coons to oppose the estate tax. She'll be a Fox News Contributor within two weeks.

Harry Reid's win means we'll be spared the likely embarrassing spectacle of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Congressman Jon Runyan. That's going to take some getting used to. He was playing in the NFL 10 months ago.

Sean Duffy is the first "Real World," "Road Rules," or Challenge alum elected to Congress. This is a guy I've got a feeling will be running for president in a few years, with his wife becoming either a Palin, an Elisabeth Hasselbeck, or possibly both.

Eight years later than he wanted it, Andrew Cuomo is governor of New York.

In terms of coverage, I toggled between MSNBC and CNN with a little bit of Fox thrown in. My favorite thing of the night? Lester Holt reporting from a set that looked like the Holodeck, complete with a panoramic cityscape behind him with landmarks from every major city. Just awesome- too bad they stopped using it after a couple of hours.

Dumbest comment of the night? William Bennett, on the California marijuana thing, referring to "all of the families" that have been hurt by marijuana and how strong it is these days.

And just when we got done with the nepotism of Joe Buck for the year... here's Luke Russert!

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 3, 2010 01:01 AM
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