November 10, 2010

Kim Jong-Palin

Apparently, a Republican Congressman is in danger of losing a probable committee chairmanship. Did he have an affair? Embezzle money? Oh no. He just criticized a half-term former governor and failed vice presidential candidate:

The early assumption that Alabama Republican Spencer Bachus would take over the panel has been set aside now that Californiaís Ed Royce has entered the race and has won, it should be noted, the backing of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Palinís interest may be more personal than political. After all Bachus did tell a local Alabama paper that her involvement in the recent round of primaries cost the GOP control of the Senate.

Yes, that's right. Now, being critical of Sarah Palin- who is not a member of the GOP Congressional caucus or even an elected official at all- is a potentially career-damanging move for a Republican. The Democrats have no such rule for Barack Obama or any other Democrat- Joe Manchin aired a campaign commercial in which he literally shot at Obama's legislative agenda, and he was welcomed with open arms into the Senate Democatic caucus.

Isn't getting ostracized for mere criticism of the Dear Leader something that only happens in, say, North Korea or Cuba?

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 10, 2010 11:16 PM
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