November 22, 2010

The First-Place Eagles

The Eagles being 7-3 and in first place at Thanksgiving almost doesn't feel right. Just about every year I've lived in town, November has been the month that they've struggled, with everyone demanding Andy Reid's firing, before they inevitably have an undefeated December and make the playoffs.

But after beating the Giants last night, Philly is all alone in first place in the NFC East, heading into the month when they almost never lose. And I've got a feeling their Week 16 game against the Vikings isn't going to be much of a challenge for Philly.

One comment about Sunday night- Cris Collinsworth, at one point, said the following about Michael Vick (I paraphrase): "That's what you want to see, if you're the Giants- Vick, flat on his back, slow to get up, with his head bouncing off the ground." Wait, what? Is he rooting for Vick to be injured? And a head injury specifically? At least he said that before Ellis Hobbs was stretchered off the field.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 22, 2010 04:12 PM
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