November 23, 2010

Worst Movie Critic Quote of the Year

I didn't think the Andrea Peyser "Kids Are All Right is lesbian propaganda" piece could be topped, but here's Debbie Schlussel on "Waiting For 'Superman'":

The movie goes out of its way to avoid putting any responsibility on urban “families” and their deviant lifestyles–which are now the norm, since deviance has been defined down–for the sad state of American kids’ intellectual capabilities and levels of knowledge.  That would be “racism,” and we can’t dare call out Black America (and, now, a significant portion of White America, including Bristol Palin) for sleeping around, fathering and giving birth to kids, and putting them in this environment.  But that’s a huge part of the problem.  Many of these kids will never have the IQ required to become doctors and scientists and engineers, whether it’s because their parents did drugs and/or didn’t get proper neo-natal care and vitamins when they were conceived and/or in the womb, or because they just don’t have it. ... The one single mother in the movie is shown to be extremely concerned about her child’s education, working hard to pay for her to go to Catholic school, and insisting that she will go to college, no matter what. Let’s be honest.  Is this really what the average Black single mother in urban America is like?  Absolutely not.  If it were, things would be much different. And if this single mother had made better choices (like not having sex and having a kid out of wedlock), she wouldn’t be in this position, or maybe she’d have a husband who could help pay to keep her daughter in private school.
That's right. She's criticizing the movie- one lots of conservatives loved- because it didn't do enough to show how stupid and dysfunctional black people are. Disgusting. I wouldn't have let her into "Jackass" either.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 23, 2010 11:33 AM
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