December 01, 2010

TV Critic Quote of the Day

ALOTT5MA, on the just-finished "Sons of Anarchy" season:

Simply put, it had too many babies in it.

Cut Abel The Kidnapped Wonder-MacGuffin out of the storyline and it could have been perfectly serviceable run of episodes. There would have been time for so much more of the good stuff about law vs. order, practice vs. principle, love vs. lifestyle, that previously threatened to make this show more than a bad soap opera dressed up in black leather and dirty denim. In fact, if Jax Teller hadn't gone all Sally Field on us this season, it would have saved cast, crew, audience, and production company the time, expense, strain, and embarrassment of that thumpingly ill-scripted and implausible trip to Ireland. None of that was remotely necessary, and it was all done at the expense of more interesting themes, plot lines, and characters--the very things that drew me in last season.

I agree. Babies are great in real life, but not so great as plot devices on biker shows. That said, the finale was pretty great.

Also, I've been getting caught up on "Undeclared," which they've been re-running on IFC, and which I'm seeing for the first time since it first aired. It's funny seeing "Undeclared" Charlie Hunnum and the "Sons of Anarchy" version, since they look like two totally different people. Seth Rogen, on the other hand, looks exactly the same now as he did then.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 1, 2010 09:18 AM
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