December 05, 2010

TV Critic Critic Quote of the Day

Tom Scocca vs. the always-terrible Alessandra Stanley:

Goodness! While we're at it, why isn't there more television programming that shows a person having two beers at a party and then talking to a few people he or she wouldn't otherwise have talked to? And then they go out for another beer and some burgers and the person wants to tip 20 percent on his or her share of a $47.23 check, split three ways, but all he or she has is 20s from the ATM, and—shoot, all the other people have are 20s, too, so can the waitress—where's the waitress? Can she break a 20—no, two 20s—no, wait, one's OK, right? Three fives and five ones? Why is drinking on television so simplified and...dramatic?

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 5, 2010 07:47 PM
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