December 10, 2010

Worst Tweet Ever

Howard Eskin, yesterday afternoon, on rumors that Phillies radio announcer Scott Franzke was in talks to leave the team to work for the Texas Rangers:

I'm told Phillies radio pl by pl guy Scott Franske Interviewing in texas. If they lose him its a disgrace for Phils. Again its Phils cheap
Let's count down the things wrong with that tweet:

- It's grammatically incorrect.

- In this tweet, like two others from Howard Thursday, Franzke's name is spelled wrong.

- Franzke said later in the day that he's under contract for next year and not leaving.

- In an age where the Phillies have a $150 million payroll, are paying Ryan Howard more than $140 million over the next six years, and have eight-figure commitments to close to a dozen players, you can't still call them cheap. And besides, the supposed reason for Franzke to leave is that he's from Texas, not that the Phils are underpaying him.

Other than that, though, great tweet.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 10, 2010 01:02 PM

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