December 29, 2010

Against Restaurant Websites

Julian Sanchez points out a problem I've noticed:

On Twitter, my friends Shani and Erie are engaged in a bit of time-honored kvetching about the legendary and general awfulness of restaurant Web sites. Who thinks itís good idea to blast annoying music at people going to your site? Why do they so often rely on Flash, which doesnít really add anything to the experience, when half the time people are looking up the site on mobile devices to get basic information? Why this bizarre preference for menus in PDF format?

The really strange thing to me isnít that restaurants would make these mistakes initially. These are, after all, mostly small brick-and-mortar businesses whose Web presence is pretty peripheral to what they do. The truly baffling thing is that people have been complaining about these exact same things for years; theyíre universally acknowledged to be errors by anyone with a lick of design sense.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 29, 2010 03:10 PM
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