January 01, 2011

Film Critic Quote of the Day

Filmdrunk on "Yogi Bear"

To say that Yogi Bear is bad is an insult to body odor, rotten egg farts and people who can’t determine the difference between your and you’re. To say it’s terrible is an insult to latex fetishists, men who wear Capri pants and the Westboro Baptist Church. This movie is so atrocious that not even the now famous alternate ending made me feel better when I rewatched it after sitting through this hour-and-a-half crotch stomp. I expect this kind of visual feces from Dan Aykroyd and even the guy from Ed. Anna Faris and especially Justin Timberlake are better than this. If they were professional athletes they’d be benched for this performance. Average people are fired when they exhibit this kind of failure in the workplace. The people who made Yogi Bear have done an epic injustice to the Hanna Barbera cartoon classic. The Yogi Yahooeys are banned from this year’s Laff-A-Lympics.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 1, 2011 09:04 PM
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