January 11, 2011

Arianna From Friday to Monday

Arianna Huffington, in a speech I saw her give Friday night:

First Huffington took the stage to share her take on technology's three most significant trends: social media as the new entertainment; using technology to help others, like the texting-based charity drive to aid Haiti's earthquake victims; and the need to occasionally disconnect from ubiquitous connectivity.

"We need to unplug and recharge," she said. "We need a GPS for the soul."

Arianna Huffington, a couple of days later:
Turns out Arianna Huffington really was hauled off a plane for questioning yesterday. 

Huffington reportedly annoyed a fellow passenger on a flight from Washington D.C. to NYC when she continued to chat and text on her phone after the order had gone out for electronic devices to be put away (please, as if we all haven't done the exact same thing on occasion).

According to the New York Post, fellow passenger Ellis Belodoff, 53, of Plainview, LI "repeatedly ignored warnings to stay in his seat as he leaped up to complain" yelling at Arianna "Hey, lady! Don't you speak English?"
Both were questioned after the plane landed and released without charges.  The Post says Huffington later admitted to cops, "I may have turned my Blackberry on too early."

She must've left her GPS For the Soul back in Las Vegas.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 11, 2011 03:46 PM
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