January 30, 2011


I find it hard to find anything to say about what's going on in Egypt, except that it's so fascinating that we can just turn on the TV and see history unfolding in such a way. When I was in eighth grade and my class watched Bill Clinton sworn in as president, I'll always remember my teacher saying, "in a lot of countries in the world, instead of this orderly transition, you'd be watching a war right now, or someone being murdered." I guess this time we're watching the exact opposite.

I do find it kind of absurd to see so much analysis of what's going on there in terms of whether it's "good for America," or "good for Israel," or even "good for Obama." I wouldn't say Egypt's events have much or anything to do with any of the above. It's about the Egyptian people wanting to have self-determination, which I'd say they should have. Now I'd certainly prefer the Muslim Brotherhood not come out on top, but then it's not looking like that's the most likely outcome.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 30, 2011 09:14 PM
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