February 06, 2011

The Super Bowl is Cheese

The Green Bay Packers tonight won Super Bowl XLVI, defeating Pittsburgh in Dallas. Despite Christina Aguilera screwing up the national anthem, the Black Eyed Peas performing the worst halftime show in human history, a couple hundred fans not getting to sit in their seats and many many injuries, it was a pretty good game.

A few notes:

- Even though I'm a lifelong Vikings fan and can't really root for the Packers, I couldn't root for Roethlisberger either. And I just love the idea that he somehow would have "redeemed" himself if the Steelers had won, as if a Super Bowl win would undo the two rape accusations.

- A whole bunch of players came out of the game with injuries. But I didn't see any of them on the sidelines on crutches or in slings. Are they wusses who let down their team, or is that just Jay Cutler?

- About that halftime show- it was as bad as I feared- but why'd they have to drag Slash into it? "Sweet Child O' Mine" is probably my favorite rock song of my lifetime, and certainly the best opening riff ever. So it's bad enough to hear those talentless tools talk over it- but did Slash really have to participate himself? On the other hand, the length of that halftime show may have been the funniest 20 minutes in the history of Twitter.

- I'd love to see a Kanye West halftime show. But he's way too controversial and the league would never go for it.

- Who's ready for all football news in the next eight months to be about the lockout? Yea!

- The best commercials: 1. "Reply All" (for Bridgestone); 2. Volkswagen Darth Vader (only because the minute-long online version was much better. 3. Chrysler/Detroit Eminem. 4. The Sitcom characters for the NFL, and 5. The Chevy car with Facebook statuses. Sure, it's a completely worthless feature that no one will use, but still, great presentation.

The worst commercials: 1. "Cram It in the Boot" (for obvious reasons). 2. Timothy Hutton/Tibet for Groupon (just creepy and minimizing of what used to be considered an important cause. 3. Every Bud Light, Doritos and Pepsi Max spot (tie) 4. Go Daddy. Guess what- if you go to the website, they don't get naked!

Movies: "Super 8" looks awesome but none of the others do.

"Glee": An episode clearly written by someone who has never seen football, ever.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 6, 2011 11:41 PM
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