February 15, 2011

Drew and His Guitar

I'm a huge fan of Drew Magary's humor pieces on Deadspin, which more often than not have nothing to do with sports at all. I think what I like most is that Drew combines a hilarious lowbrow comedic sensibility with refreshing honesty and what you can tell is fundamental decency. Of course, I also love his allusions to the Minnesota childhood that sounds a lot like mine:

I took guitar lessons at a music store in the Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka, Minn., when I was a kid. Our instructor was named Brian, and he had a wispy mustache. This was the first song he taught us. I was a very impatient student. Brian said the best way to learn the guitar was to start off with an acoustic guitar, which I thought was stupid and for pussies. I rented a Gibson instead. He also explained that we should really know chords before we know how to play any songs. And I was like, "Fuck that, Brian. When the fuck do we ROCK?" I demanded we move on from the kiddie stuff and go straight to the "Damage Inc." solo. He explained that you have to NOT suck in order to play that particular piece of music, but I was undaunted. I bought the tablature book to "Master of Puppets" and sat there trying to play all the songs. And, of course, what came out of my guitar sounded NOTHING like the actual song, which angered me to no end.
I think I took the same lessons, though mine were at Southdale rather than Ridgedale.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 15, 2011 01:25 PM
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