February 24, 2011

In Way Too Much Defense of Steve Jobs

I'm very much an Apple/Jobs apologist, I admit, but this weird piece on Business Insider was a little much for even me. Much as I love all the amazing stuff Jobs has created over the years, I'm not prepared to defend him for denying his daughter's paternity, screwing over Steve Wozniak, or this:

He doesn’t give any money to charity. And when he became Apple’s CEO he stopped all of their philanthropic programs. He said, “wait until we are profitable”. Now they are profitable, and sitting on $40bb cash, and still not corporate philanthropy. I actually think Jobs is probably the most charitable guy on the planet. Rather than focus on which mosquitoes to kill in Africa (Bill Gates is already focusing on that), Jobs has put his energy into massively improving quality of life with all of his inventions. People think that entrepreneurs have to some day “give back”. This is not true. They already gave at the office. Look at the entire ipod/Mac/iphone/Disney ecosystem and ask how many lives have benefited directly (because they’ve been hired) or indirectly (because they use the products to improve their quality of life). As far as I know, Jobs has never even commented about his thoughts on charity. Good for him. As one CEO of a (currently) Fortune 10 company once told me when I had my hand out for a charitable website, “Screw charity!”
That CEO's an asshole. And so is the guy who wrote this. What kind of glib bullshit is that? Sounds like the consumer electronics version of Reaganomics.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 24, 2011 01:00 AM
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