March 17, 2011

Political Radio Moment of the Day

On Michael Medved's show yesterday, he talked briefly about the Adrian Peterson "slavery" comments and, rightly, slammed them. How ridiculous, after all, for a professional football player who's making more than $10 million a year and has the ability to retire if he wants to to compare himself to a slave.

Then, a few minutes later, a caller opined about Peterson. "He's a slave all right," the caller said, "but not to the NFL or the Vikings- his slavemaster is the government!" This, after all is, is because he has to pay "half his money" in taxes and will likely be hit with an estate tax bill after he dies. "That's a great point!," Medved said.

I'm very used to sports radio callers saying the stupidest stuff you can possibly imagine, and then the host calling it a "great point." But this is on another level altogether. If calling Peterson a slave because the NFL has a less player-friendly system than it should is laughably absurd, then saying the same thing because he has to pay taxes is equally so.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 17, 2011 03:56 PM
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