March 20, 2011

The Internet Right is Unintentionally Hilarious, Part I

Pam Geller may be one of the nastier, more deranged people in American public life, but at least she's good for unintentional comedy. Today she writes about Libya; you'd think Pam would be happy about airstrikes, since it'll likely lead to dead Muslims and all, but instead she's upset that we're not invading Iran too. But that's something compared to the comments. Nut-picking, I know, but these are all real:

British and French oil-interest is at play.
Libyan crude oil is of very high quality!

Hillary Rodham Clinton wants Islam in Libya as her husband, Bill Clinton, established Islam in the Balkans and, later, George Bush II established Islam in Iraq.
Middle Eastern Muslim donors gave a lot of money to Bill Clinton after he left the White House.
Bush family has a long financial connection with Saudi bin-Laden family.

And another...
Where are all those anti war rallies. Comrade Hussein " where is the birt certificate" Obama is following the One World Goverment which is dominated by oil/muzzies. This sucks. Our country is being distroyed right berfor our eyes by the muzzy in the White House.
He's right. Obama has never produced a "birt certificate." Don't think he's a "Muzzy," though.
The US will not lift one finger to defend Israel to our detriment. We are lead by a card carrying muslim brotherhood, forward with the caliphate, death cult zombie.
I'd say vetoing the U.N. resolution condemning settlements counts as lifting at least one finger. My personal favorite:
Its interesting that in the Book Of Ezekiel 38,39, a coalition of nations are named that will one day attempt to relieve the world of Israel and the Jewish people. Among the countries fingered by God include Iran, Turkey Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia and others.
Because Iran, Turkey, Libya and Ethiopia totally existed as countries in biblical times! Back then it was "Gog and Magog"- much better names. And I think this one came from Mad Libs, or maybe the Geller post generator:
WHY? You have to ask why? It's because the communist moslim USURPER obaMAO's brothers in Iran are "friendlies" and Libya needs more moslim brotherhood and sharia to yell "DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO ISRAEL". The head moslim terrorist the communist moslim coward gay USURPER obaMAO's plans are working perfectly.
He's a Muslim, a terrorist, a communist, a coward, and gay!

I think if Glenn Beck read that he'd distance himself from it, suggesting it's just a bit too crazy for his tastes. And Geller, the day after this, had successive posts in which she 1) accused Obama of having "close ties" to Qaddaffi and then 2) accused Obama of siding with al-Qaeda AGAINST Qaddaffi.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 20, 2011 08:36 PM
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