March 29, 2011

"Sucker Punch" Sucks Part IV

Sady Doyle:

By my count, there are at least five attempted rapes in Sucker Punch. When its female characters aren't fending off rapists, theyʼre being lobotomized, stabbed, imprisoned, sold, shot in the head, forced to strip, or blown up on trains in outer space. Sucker Punch has been pitched as a girl-power epic, but it feels like watching a little boy tear the heads off his sister's Barbies. After dressing them up in their sexiest outfits and making them fight GI Joe, of course.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 29, 2011 04:44 PM

I read too quickly and thought it said "making them fight CGI Joe." Gonna file that in my clever snark folder for later use.

Posted by: PK at March 29, 2011 10:39 PM
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