May 02, 2011

The Real World: Gay Porn

Shocking happenings on "The Real World" last week:

Among the eight strangers living together in the 25th Real World house—a suite in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas—is Dustin Zito. He is a 24-year-old from Louisiana whose MTV bio says that he "grew up with a bi-polar, drug addicted mom and an abusive step-dad." But it is the part of his bio that says he was "a cast member on a website that featured an uncensored look at a house of attractive guys living together" that has earned the most attention.
He kept the secret from his roommates until last week's episode, including the woman who he was having sex with.

True, he lied to his roommates about the exact nature of what he did, and past appearances in gay porn is the sort of thing that probably should be disclosed in any new relationship. But I was struck by how the roommates were much more judgmental about that transgression than they were about the various misdeeds of former roommate Adam, a violent, drunken sociopath who committed various assaults on people and property before he was kicked out of the hotel.

And yes, I still watch "The Real World." Last week's episode was my favorite moment of its kind since the last season when Ryan, the roommate who constantly insisted he wasn't gay, in a single motion 1) ran away from a naked woman, and 2) hid in a closet.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 2, 2011 10:16 AM
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