May 04, 2011

No No Liriano!

I was at a movie screening tonight that got delayed and then ultimately canceled, so I got home early- just early enough to watch the last two innings of the Twins game, as Francisco Liriano no-hit the White Sox in Chicago.

The game, in which Liriano had only two strikeouts and had the benefit of several good defensive plays and one very questionable call on a play at first base, represents both the first good thing to happen to the Twins all year and Liriano's first good outing of the year. He was even reportedly pitching to keep his rotation spot.

I thought about waking up Noah to see the last inning, but in his 15 and a half months he's already seen two no hitters, both by Roy Halladay.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 4, 2011 01:39 AM
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