August 12, 2011

C.K. on C.K.

"Louie" isn't just great, it's playing at a level right now that nothing else on TV is, not even "Breaking Bad." It's equal parts funny, affecting and heartbreaking, literally every time out. And I agree with this Chuck Klosterman essay for Grantland:

Whatís so distinctly compelling about this season of Louie is how everyone seems to collectively realize that what C.K. is doing is not only cool, but also authentically artful and unnaturally profound. Thereís no debate over its value because thereís no contradictory position to take. Itís not polarizing in any important way: If youíre watching this show, you intuitively know it's fantastic (and substantially unlike the way fantastic TV typically is).
I also appreciated that the first of last night's two episodes was made possibly entirely by Christine O'Donnell's Senate race, and was in fact the best piece of comedy (out of many) that came out of that.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 12, 2011 03:42 PM
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