August 16, 2011

"Entourage"- Is it Over Yet?

Did you think "Entourage" was finally reaching maturity, a few episodes from the end, when Tig from "Sons of Anarchy" shot himself in the head last week? This week, they did an Original Whizzinator episode- very topical, six years after the Onterrio Smith arrest, although at least they didn't base an episode on a different past Vikings scandal. ALOTT5MA said it best:

The last episode ended with a recovering drug addict witnessing the
suicide of one of his business partners, a friend from rehab. That is a setup fraught with dramatic possibilities. One possibility that I hadn't considered is that it would lead, 23 minutes later, to the boys chasing each other with a rubber penis in celebration of falsifying evidence in a criminal case. Did I really say a few days ago that the show seems to be growing up?
Yea, they sure were celebratory, considering two of them had just seen a guy shoot himself, right in front of them, literally the day before.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 16, 2011 04:58 PM
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