September 06, 2011

Film Essay Quote of the Week

From Matthias Stork's great anti-shakycam manifesto, "Chaos Cinema":

Chaos cinema apes the illiteracy of the modern movie trailer. It consists of a barrage of high-voltage scenes. Every single frame runs on adrenaline. Every shot feels like the hysterical climax of a scene which an earlier movie might have spent several minutes building toward. Chaos cinema is a never-ending crescendo of flair and spectacle. Itís a shotgun aesthetic, firing a wide swath of sensationalistic technique that tears the old classical filmmaking style to bits. Directors who work in this mode arenít interested in spatial clarity. It doesnít matter where you are, and it barely matters if you know whatís happening onscreen. The new action films are fast, florid, volatile audiovisual war zones.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 6, 2011 12:00 PM
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