October 03, 2011


News Item: Rick Perry's family owned hunting lodge called "Niggerhead"

Whether this little bit of news hurts Perry with the GOP base, or doesn't hurt him, is going to say a whole lot about them. But I can already hear the Fox/talk radio spin- they're going to say that this whole thing is a politically correct witch hunt and personal attack on Perry's family, and anyone who's offended needs to stop being so oversensitive and just get over it.

At any rate, Perry's family reminds me a lot of Louis C.K.'s aunt.

And I especially love that Herman Cain, when asked about this on Fox News Sunday, slammed Perry for it- and he's being lambasted for "playing the race card!" This is hilarious for multiple reasons- that Cain's popularity among conservative evaporates as soon as says something obviously racist is racist, and also because "playing the race card" is generally understood to mean "bringing race into something where it doesn't belong"- it exists here, for sure.


I’ve learned in long years of experience blogging about American politics that there are no racists in the United States. Certainly if there are any, they’re not white people. And certainly if there are any racist white people, they’re not conservatives.
Yes, I know, I know- Obama belonged to Jeremiah Wright's church. But was his house called "Kill Whitey"?

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 3, 2011 04:15 PM
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