October 10, 2011

Why the Left Can't Get Anything Done

Behold, this really, really weird exercise in paralytic parliamentary procedure. Living up to every bad lefty stereotype, from indecisiveness to dirty hippiedom, they spend ten minutes debating whether or not to let civil rights icon John Lewis speak, until he decides to just leave.

This repeat-after-me stuff is really, really weird. And it's embarrassing as hell that they didn't let a giant like Lewis speak- if someone of his stature shows up at your event and offers his support, you let him talk.

That said, the people on the right flogging this have consistently opposed everything John Lewis has stood for for about five decades. Back in 1963, when Lewis spoke at the March on Washington, conservatives were saying all the same things about Dr. King and his ilk that they're saying about Occupy Wall Street now.

I through by the Philadelphia version of the Occupy movement one day last week, and it was neither the revolutionary vanguard of lefty dreams nor the tyrannical socialist looming takeover of conservative nightmares. It seemed to just be a bunch of people hanging around. It wasn't all rich kid either- a lot of homeless people were around, and quite a few people of color, too.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 10, 2011 05:07 PM
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