February 13, 2012

Quote of the Day

Matt Taibbi with one of the best pieces anyone has written about the campaign. Here's his take on Newt:

The only problem is, hes a bloviating, egomaniacal hog clinging to a third marriage who suffers from incurable diarrhea of the mouth and, according to polls, is one of the most intensely disliked politicians in America, making him an utterly absurd choice for the general election. If Gingrich ends up winning the nomination, Obama will essentially be running against the political version of Gilbert Gottfried or raw garlic strong tastes that some like quite a lot, but many more cant stand to even be near. If that happens, every Democratic flack from Leon Panetta to Obama himself will have to wear restraints to keep from publicly crying out in joy.
Gilbert Gottfried should totally run in the GOP primaries. He could answer one of the questions with a 25-minute Aristocrats joke.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 13, 2012 04:48 PM
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