February 17, 2012

Good Riddance, Pat

Pat Buchanan is the worst of the worst in American politics, the closest thing there is in the U.S. to a European neofascist. His record of unabashed prejudice and hatred has been well-documented in his writings and sayings, and beyond that, he was a principal architect of Nixon's Southern strategy.

When you see candidates today making prejudicial hatred and scapegoating of blacks, gays, or immigrants a big part of their pitch to white voters, they're working straight from Pat's playbook. He even changed things up by working virulent Jew hatred into the mix.

So, after ten years and a comfortable place in the Washington establishment, he's been fired from his lucrative commentary gig at MSNBC. Good. I don't understand why the decision is even controversial, or why it came so late. Roland Martin got suspended from CNN last week for tweeting gay jokes. Pat has done worse than that about 500 times over.

The most hilarious part is that Buchanan says he's been "blacklisted." Like Pat, had he been in government in the '50s, wouldn't have been a full-throated supporter of the blacklist, along with his hero Nixon.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 17, 2012 04:13 PM
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