March 02, 2012

What's Going On

A few personal notes:

- As most of my friends are aware, next Friday is the scheduled arrival of our second child. After all the difficulty last time things have gone much more smoothly this time, for which we are very thankful. Noah is very excited to be a big brother, and to add a co-author to his blog.

- Last week marked my five-year anniversary of working at North American Publishing, and day to day I'm enjoying it as much as ever. Next month will see the launch of a new website, part of the existing TechnologyTell, that will feature pop culture blogging and commentary by myself and others, including my movie reviews. More on that as the launch gets closer; this is shaping up to be an incredible movie year, and I'm excited to dive into it.

- In addition, I recently began writing for Philadelphia Magazine's Philly Post blog, and will become an official weekly contributor later this month. I'm happy to be sharing the space with such Philly journalistic luminaries as Liz Spikol, Tim Whitaker, Steve Volk, Dan McQuade, Quizzo master Johnny Goodtimes, my NAPCO colleague Brian Howard and even my onetime elevator-mate Larry Mendte.

- I've got another writing project that I'm not allowed to talk about, but all in due time...

- This blog, it's hard to believe, will mark its 10th anniversary in May. I have a couple of things planned- a long-needed relaunch and a switch to Wordpress (if I can figure out how to do that). I also have a personal writing project here that I'm going to undertake this summer, most likely.

So with all that, I'm not expecting a whole lot of sleep to happen in the next few months. Thanks for reading, everyone.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 2, 2012 03:54 PM
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