May 31, 2012

Leave Jimmy Alone!

In my latest Philly Post column, I look at the freakout over Jimmy Rollins' recent three-day paternity leave.

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May 24, 2012

Week in Review

A whole lot of new stuff this week.

- First of all, there's a new blog post by Noah and Jonah.

- In this week's Phillymag column, I look at how Jeremiah Wright has made a sudden reappearance.

- A lot of stuff at EntertainmentTell: I review "Men in Black 3," look at why it's not okay to punch a 10-year-old in a movie theater, notice that "House" and "Eastbound and Down" had the same ending, and point out that there's another movie coming out called "Deep Blue Sea."

- For Dealerscope, yesterday I covered an electronics distributor show in Cherry Hill. Here's the writeup, a slideshow of the show floor and an interview with the company's president.

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May 17, 2012

Latest Writings

Various new things this week:

At Philly Post, I look at that Time magazine breastfeeding cover, and go into why that and so many other things in media shame and guilt parents, especially mothers.

At EntertainmentTell, I review two movies: The Dictator, and What To Expect When You're Expecting" Also, essays on "How I Met Your Mother" and why "The Avengers" isn't going to save 3D TV.

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May 10, 2012

The Stadium Games Are Over

Both houses of the Minnesota state legislature Thursday approved the Vikings' new stadium, which will be built (partially) on the site of the current Metrodome. A few thoughts on the passage:

- Sure, using that much public money on a sports stadium is questionable both morally and economically. But I won't lie and say I'm not thrilled that my team will remain in Minnesota.

- The team picked the right city and the right site, much better than Blaine or Arden Hills would've been. It's still uncertain whether or not it'll have a roof; I'm hoping for not but I'm sure the promise of one Super Bowl or one Final Four will outweigh the potential advantage of becoming a feared cold weather team again.

- One of the best parts of this passing? No more wankery from Mike Florio on the subject. "Adrian Peterson is rehabbing his knee? Maybe he'll be rehabbing.... in Los Angeles!"

- Even better, the Wilfs want to bring an MLS soccer team to the stadium. What will it be called? FC Twin Cities? Minneapolis Hotspur? They really should work "City" into "Cities." Target Center improvement funds are part of the deal as well.

- Will the stadium make the team any better? Probably not, although when it opens in 2016 I'm guessing most of the current management or nucleus won't be around anymore.

- The strangest thing of all is that the approval brings to an end 20 years of stadium fights in the Twin Cities. Every local team is all set, so Minnesota politics will be free of this from now on. Until Target Field needs replacing in 20 years, that is…

- If you'd asked me a few years ago when the Vikings would get a new stadium, I'd have said, "yea, right, that'll happen the day the president endorses gay marriage"

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Thursday Writings

Here's my review of "Dark Shadows," and here's my latest Week in Electronics Retail Crime.

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Obama on Marriage

It's brave, historical, and I applaud him. True, it's mostly a symbolic gesture, the president doesn't have the power to legalize same-sex marriage all by himself, and just about everything he could've done to make marriage equality a reality, he had been doing already. So let people be bigots and show themselves as such.

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May 09, 2012

New Writings This Week

Thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes yesterday, I greatly appreciate it.

Here's my new Philly Post column, on the failure of Americans Elect. See also a column from a month ago, where I talked about whether the president will back same-sex marriage.

At Dealerscope, here's something I wrote about Zagg, the maker of iPhone accessories, striking back against a blog that accused them of lying about their financials.

And at EntertainmentTell, I did an essay on that stupid Phil Mushnick/Jay-Z controversy.

Check out everything that's going on at EntertainmentTell here, or see all of my posts here. And follow us on Twitter, too.

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May 08, 2012

It Was Ten Years Ago Today…

Today, somewhat unbelievably, represents the tenth anniversary of this blog. On May 8, 2002, I was a struggling, unemployed writer living in Hoboken, NJ, who really wanted to get writing every day despite not having anyone paying me to do so. I was single, lived in an apartment, didn't have kids, had zero writing gigs, was very much gung ho about invading Iraq and hated soccer.

Needless to say, things have changed quite a bit. If you'd told me on that day that ten years hence I'd be living in suburban Philadelphia, in a house, married with two sons, and getting paid to write about gadgets, business, music, politics and sports, let's just say I may not have believed you. Yet here we are.

I'd like to think this blog is where I taught myself how to write, though I cringe when going back and reading some of the old posts. I want to give thanks to all my friends who have read this over the years and even followed my writing to other places, whether BlogCritics, the New York Press Billboard, North Star Writers Group, and everywhere I write now.

Once things calm down a bit I'm planning to relaunch this blog as a Wordpress site- anyone have any advice on that?- but in the meantime, sit tight. And thanks again.

I'm going to turn comments back on, just for this post.

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May 03, 2012

A Good Reason Not to Have Comments

Maybe I have the right idea after all...

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Quote of the Day

Paul Waldman on Obama "politicizing" the Bin Laden killing:

Imagine that you called a carpenter to come repair your deck, and after looking at the rotted timbers and split rails, he said, “Well, I can fix this deck. But the one thing I’m not going to do is come over here and engage in a bunch of carpentry. That would be wrong.”

You’d probably suspect that the carpenter was insane. Yet politicians and their campaign advisers–people for whom politics is a profession no less than carpentry is the carpenter’s profession–are constantly complaining that their opponents are engaged in “politics,” or are committing the horrible sin of “politicizing” something that shouldn’t be political.

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A Hulk Smash

I review "The Avengers" at EntertainmentTell.

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May 02, 2012

Three Posts

Three new things of which I'm quite proud:

- The latest Noah and Jonah blog, featuring the best golf shot ever.

- My latest Philly Post column, on why the Phillies should not trade Vance Worley.

- An essay for EntertainmentTell, on the dilemma faced by sportswriter Joe Posnanski as he finishes his book on Joe Paterno.

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“Obama Refuses to Denounce Kanye West Tweet Calling Romney a Voltron Made of Butts”

This Cracked look at "5 Ways to Spot a B.S. Political Story" may be the most essential thing I've read about politics this year.

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