December 15, 2003

IT'S ON: Just two days

IT'S ON: Just two days after the deal was declared all but dead, the Texas Rangers have apparently blinked and, if Jayson Stark is to believed, Alex Rodriguez will be a member of the Boston Red Sox by the end of the week.
If this deal happens, the Sox will officially have completed the best offseason of any team in baseball history, and it's only December. And they haven't even traded Nomar yet... Boston's owners deserve enormous credit for waiting for Tom Hicks to back off his demand of $25 million for Manny Ramirez- yes, Hicks may be a good enough businessman to have become a billionaire, but the fact that he overpaid A-Rod by about $100 million shows that his acumen as owner of the Texas Rangers is about on the level of the last guy who held the job- you know, the one who traded Sammy Sosa.
Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles, in their quest to become the most expensive fourth-place team in baseball history, have signed Miguel Tejada, and apparently Vladimir Guerrero and Ivan Rodriguez are right on deck. Too bad their two best pitchers are still Rodrigo Lopez and Omar Daal...
Meanwhile, it's not a good sign that the Twins are not in the mix for any major, or even mid-level free agent; TwinsGeek reports that it's due to a judgment that the contract of injured pitcher Joe Mays will not be covered by insurance next year, while Mays recovers from Tommy John surgery. That's a damn shame.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 15, 2003 05:13 PM
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