December 15, 2003

DEANTOWN: Via Tim Blair, the


Via Tim Blair, the above is the new electoral map, pointing out all the areas of the country with unusually large concentrations of Howard Dean supporters. I see that Los Angeles and San Francisco have finally been combined into one big metro area. And gee, what's up with that big yellow splotch where Minneapolis/St. Paul used to be?
Still, I always thought the old red-blue dichotomy was a tad oversimplified, since there are clearly large concentrations of both long-haired hippies and mulletted rednecks in all 50 states (see, even their hairstyles are similar). But I agree with Blair's observation that the above map is "much easier to understand than the old red/blue model, which confusingly presented commie-hating Republican areas as red."

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 15, 2003 11:40 AM
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