December 12, 2003


AND YOU THOUGHT THE NYT HAD INADEQUATE SPORTS COVERAGE: Did you know that Daniel Okrent, the new "public editor"/ombudsman of the New York Times, invented fantasy baseball? I guess that's the sort of invention that he should've made a ton of money from, but most likely didn't. But he is a Yankee hater!
I think I like this guy- in his introductory piece in the Times last week, he wrote:

I'm an absolutist on free trade and free speech, and a supporter of gay rights and abortion rights who thinks that the late Cardinal John O'Connor was a great man. I believe it's unbecoming for the well off to whine about high taxes, and inconsistent for those who advocate human rights to oppose all American military action. I'd rather spend my weekends exterminating rats in the tunnels below Penn Station than read a book by either Bill O'Reilly or Michael Moore.

There may be hope for the Times yet...

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 12, 2003 09:14 AM
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