August 11, 2003

BUGGERY BRYANT?: Well, that was

BUGGERY BRYANT?: Well, that was fun while it lasted... according to an MSNBC story, sources close to the Kobe Bryant investigation are adament that one of the more explicit rumors related to the case is NOT true- the one that says Bryant and the alleged victim first engaged in consensual intercourse, but then Kobe forced her to submit to, um, a certain act that was until recently banned in several states.
That's right, the "anal rumors" are false, as anal rumors are wont to be. Matt Drudge (no stranger to sodomy himself, I've heard) posted something about this in the early days of the scandal, though it was apparently retracted; ever since I've gotten at least a couple dozen "Kobe + anal" Google searches to this blog each day. In the last few weeks the rumor has been spread on more than one talk show by the wacky right-wing pundit Debbie Schlussel, who with her I-wanna-kill-Hillary vituperation, frequent Howard Stern appearances, leather-pants wardrobe, and heavy Long Island brogue (even though she's from Michigan), appears to be pursuing a niche as the JAPpy answer to Ann Coulter.
Schlussel, appearing on "The Abrams Report" last week, attempted to argue in favor of Kobe's innocense by bringing up "rumors of an unnatural sex act," which would presumably turn off the jury and lead to Bryant's acquittal. Say what? Schlussel, who like Star Jones is a lawyer, apparently hasn't kept up lately with law or politics- or history, for that matter; she mis-stated Rosa Parks' name in a 2000 column.
Too bad the sodomy rumor has been put to rest; I was just getting used to pundits and talk show hosts uncomfortably dancing around it. This would've made the Clinton-Lewinsky newscasts look like nothing...

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 11, 2003 02:01 PM
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