August 08, 2003

U-HAUL, U-SUCK REDUX: The Manhattan

U-HAUL, U-SUCK REDUX: The Manhattan User's Guide (MUG) today has a roundup of the worst of everything in New York- and included, of course, is U-HAUL.
The MUG tells of U-HAUL "using the loosest possible interpretation of the word 'reservation,'" and also shares that the sorry truck rental service has an unsatisfactory rating from the Better Business Bureau, due to "Complaints about advertising issues, credit/billing issues, delivery issues, defective/damaged merchandise, failure to provide service, delayed service, workmanship/repair issues, failure to provide promised adjustment, selling practices, and miscellaneous issues." To that I add the company's sure-to-be-illegal practice of keeping insurance information well-hidden inside the truck, so the company is off the hook when renters get into accidents.
Can we please find some way to put these assclowns out of business?

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 8, 2003 12:45 AM
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