July 22, 2003

KOBE'S BEEF: It's hard to

KOBE'S BEEF: It's hard to have anything to say about this Kobe Bryant case, when so little is known at this point- all we know is that Bryant's reputation seems irreparably damaged, and that we're almost certainly headed for a trial that'll make OJ look like nothing.
A couple of observations about the press conference Kobe and his wife Vanessa held on Friday: watching a Lakers superstar call a press conference to make an embarrassing admission of a sexual nature was just a bit eerie, remembering Magic Johnson do the same thing 12 years ago. And in that conference Kobe had shaved both his head and his goatee, in the process re-claiming the look he had his rookie season. Back then I remember noticing that Kobe looked a lot like the late rapper Tupac Shakur, who had been murdered merely weeks prior to Bryant's debut in the fall of 1996; knowing that Tupac was convicted at least once on sex-abuse charges, perhaps Kobe should've thought twice about his little makeover....

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 22, 2003 04:50 AM
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