July 17, 2003

"FEMALE" TROUBLE: In case you

"FEMALE" TROUBLE: In case you had any doubt that Ann Coulter has no purpose in American political discourse other than provocation for provocation's sake, take a look at this interview in Time Magazine, complete with a photo that makes Ann look like The Evil Sarah Jessica Parker. Among other outrages, Coultergeist appears to advocate a Soviet-like one-party system ("The Democratic Party has got to go away") and shrugs off the painful fact that Hillary Clinton's book will outsell hers by a substantial margin.
Nearly everything Coulter says in the interview is repeated from either her column, her talk show appearances, or the book, most notably a phrase in which she accuses the Democrats of "female taunting" about weapons of mass destruction. Coulter, it appears, is some sort of self-hating female; she was also apparently frustrated she didn't make enough of a "splash" when she used the phrase in her column last month. Maybe that's a sign of Ann Coulter's decline, when she can say something so faux-outrageous and no one even pays attention; I think, to borrow the Kornheiser phrase, we'd all be better off treating Coulter as though she were someone muttering to herself in a subway car.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 17, 2003 04:22 AM
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