July 15, 2003

AHOY, MAYTE!: According to a

AHOY, MAYTE!: According to a published report, the Former Artist Known as Prince is leaving his lifelong home state of Minnesota, having purchased a $10 million home outside of Toronto.
It hasn't been a good few years for Prince Rodgers Nelson- his music career has nosedived, his wife Mayte left him and took up with Tommy Lee, and his best movie ("Purple Rain") was ripped off by Eminem. But if you think it sucks for him, what about Kirby Puckett? Not only have the sex revelations all but destroyed his once prestine reputation, but Prince's departure means that he is now, at least according to Chris Rock, the only black person in Minnesota.

AND SPEAKING OF PEOPLE SPURNING MINNESOTA: Juwan Howard, who is black, will not be taking Prince's place- the forward, who was thought last week to be all but signed, sealed, and delivered to the Timberwolves, agreed yesterday to sign with the Orlando Magic. Formerly considered the most overpaid player in the league due to the $105 million deal he signed with Washington seven years ago, Howard overnight became a bargain, accepting $28 million over five years.
How dare Juwan turn down the Wolves- it's hard to imagine why anyone would agree to take $28 million to spend their winters in Orlando, when they could've accepted less to spend them in Minneapolis.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 15, 2003 01:51 AM
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