June 24, 2003

ILL PRESIDENTE: I haven't yet

ILL PRESIDENTE: I haven't yet decided who I'm supporting for president next year. I don't think I'd consider voting for President Bush, since I intend to keep my promise to my old professor, the neocon icon Jerry Cohen, that I will emulate him in not ever voting for a Republican for president no matter how conservative I become in my lifetime. I suppose I'd have to consider breaking that pledge on the off chance that the Democratic nominee were Al Sharpton, or Dennis Kucinich, or Carol Moseley-Braun. Or maybe even Howard Dean, who I'm convinced has a very good shot at the nomination, after which he can look forward to carrying Vermont, with Bush taking the other 49 states.
I think, after today, we can add Dick Gephardt to the list too. Here's Dick today, in a speech to Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition:

When I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day

Either Gephardt is an ignoramus, who doesn't know after nearly 20 years in Congress that the president has no constitutional authority to overrule the Supreme Court, or he was pandering to an all-black audience that he assumed wouldn't know any better. Either way, it makes him look like a doofus, and totally unqualifed to be president. It's almost as embarrassing as when Dean made the wrongheaded slippery-slope argument that President Bush's opposition to abortion will eventually lead to him to disallow girls from attending school. Or, for that matter, when Bush himself criticized liberals for discussing Medicare "as if it were some federal program."

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 24, 2003 01:23 AM
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