June 23, 2003


YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDD-ING: It's one of my favorite weeks of the year- NBA Draft Week- and the crazy trade rumors are flying already. Much of it centers around Jason Kidd and whether or not he'll leave New Jersey, and speculation has mostly had him either staying with the Nets or jumping to San Antonio. Last week another rumor had Kidd heading to Sacramento in a sign-and-trade for Mike Bibby and Hedo Turkoglu, a scenario denied by all parties.
But now Marc Stein of ESPN (the second-best journalist in North America named Marc/Mark Steyn/Stein) is reporting that Kidd may decide to return to his original team, Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks. A Kidd-to-the-Mavs deal would necessitate a sign-and-trade that would send at least one of Dallas' young stars to the Meadowlands- most likely the man who plays Kidd's position, Steve Nash.
Stein doesn't even mention the most intriguing part of the rumor: a Kidd-for-Nash trade has already happened, back in '96 when Dallas dealt Kidd to Phoenix for Nash and a couple of other players. Both players have improved considerably in the intervening years, and yet another trade of the same two players would not only make a lot of sense, but it may be unprecedented in the history of sports for two All-Star-caliber stars to be traded for each other more than once.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 23, 2003 09:28 PM
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