June 23, 2003

'DEIS ON 'DEIS: It was

'DEIS ON 'DEIS: It was just one big Brandeis-o-rama yesterday on the Times op-ed page: Thomas Friedman (class of '75), in his column quotes noted Brandeis Near Eastern-Judaic Studies professor Yitzhak Nakash, who was my professor for "Making of the Modern Middle East" in Fall of '99, and is considered among the nation's foremost experts on Iraq. You'd also expect the Times to include a wistful rememberance of such past 'deis luminaries as Abbie Hoffman, Catherine Power, Angela Davis, or Jerry Rubin, but they resist the urge. They did run a pro-Rosenbergs editorial last week, however.
Speaking of TLF, John Paul has an interesting discussion over on Fightin' With Grabes, in which he and a commentor disagree over the merits of Friedman's "Garrison Keillor analogies and the down-home timbre," yet agree in their admiration for the columnist's " luxurious, Baathist mustache."

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 23, 2003 05:47 PM
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