April 23, 2003

CREED GREED: A group of

CREED GREED: A group of fans of The Worst Band on Earth, Creed, are suing the bandmembers over a gig in Chicago last December in which frontman Scott Stapp appeared drunk and/or stoned, and thus was unable to sing any of the band's standards. The four fans believe Stapp's intoxicated condition amounts to a canceled show, and thus they are entitled to a refund of their money.
No word on whether the fans plan to also sue Ticketmaster, for allowing them (in an apparently drunk/high state themselves) to fork over $227 to see Creed. Because obviously, the Ticketmaster outlets in Chicago have no qualms with selling White Sox tickets to visibly inebriated fans.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 23, 2003 03:14 PM
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