April 07, 2003


KING OF QUEEN CITY: I just returned a few hours ago from a weekend trip to Cincinnati, my first visit back to the midwest since last Thanksgiving and my first time in Ohio in almost six years. I had a wonderful time with my friends and sampled some excellent restaurants (including the legendary ice-cream joint Graeters).
One of the highlights of the weekend was one of the first games ever held at Cincy's new stadium, The Great American Ballpark. The Reds fell to the Cubs 9-7, and while we missed Sammy Sosa's 500th home run by one day, we were on hand for something that led SportsCenter that night: the lynchpin of my fantasy team's outfield, Ken Griffey, Jr., dislocated his shoulder in the 8th (he'll be out 6-10 weeks). It's the most infamous sports moment I've witnessed live since January 15, 1997, when I watched then-Bull Dennis Rodman surprise Target Center photographer Eugene Amos with a swift, unprovoked kick to the nuts.
Still though, the stadium is incredible, and exactly what Minnesota needs. But what we don't need are the mean-spirited hecklers in left field (where we sat) who mercilessly taunted Cub Moises Alou (MOISES!) throughout the game- and their apparent ringleader was shocked mid-game when he returned with his eighth beer only to find a kid in an Alou jersey right in front of him. He said he'd gotten his beer from "Pete's Club"; I had to fight back the urge to ask if they had a casino in the back.
The final verdict? Great park, great friends, great town.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 7, 2003 08:16 AM
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