December 16, 2002

STRIKE OUT: New York's threatened

STRIKE OUT: New York's threatened transit strike is apparently off, as the union announced just before midnight that "sufficient progress has been made" to "stop the clock," thus preventing the sort of walkout that would've caused mass chaos in all five boroughs. I never really understood where the Transit Workers Union got off attempting to stand up for their workers' rights but preventing all of the other millions of workers in the city from getting to their jobs. And how were the strikers planning to get to the picket lines? Apparently either the MTA called the union's bluff, or they just chickened out. Either way, anarchy has been averted.
I also got quite sick of the ever-present "strike clock," which ticked down throughout the day on every local TV station- kind of like a more boring version of "24." And the local Fox station cut away from the Giants-Cowboys game for more than a half hour to broadcast a Bloomberg-Pataki press conference- sure to provoke lots of anger tomorrow from irate Giants fans. Oh well, at least they'll make it to work now.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 16, 2002 12:13 AM
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