December 16, 2002

EWWWW!: Entertainment Weekly came out

EWWWW!: Entertainment Weekly came out with its "Best of 2002" issue on Friday, and they made the somewhat nonsensical choice of Denzel Washington as Entertainer of the Year. While Washington did become only the second black Best Actor Oscar winner, his selection is based on his performance in a movie ("Training Day") that came out in October of 2001, as well as his direction of a film ("Antwone Fisher") that no one has seen yet. He's not exactly the intuitive choice.
One could make a case for Halle Berry as Entertainer of the Year, but I really don't know how anyone giving out such an award who has paid any attention whatsoever to popular culture in 2002 could choose anyone other than Eminem. EW even chose as their best album of the year one by a white rapper (The Streets' "Original Pirate Material") who is not Slim Shady. EW's other choices: a split verdict for Best Movie (Owen Gleiberman picks "Far From Heaven," Lisa Schwarzbaum chooses "About Schmidt,") and Best Television Show? You guessed it, "The Sopranos."

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 16, 2002 12:06 AM
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