December 11, 2002

MORE ON PETE: "No, what's

MORE ON PETE: "No, what's truly puzzling to me is the public love for a man who's firmly established himself as one of the more despicable people to wear a major-league uniform. Peter Edward Rose Sr. is a convicted tax cheat and a crummy husband and father who has, for many years, surrounded himself with drug dealers and various other unsavory types. Granted, none of us are perfect, but it seems to me that Pete Rose is significantly farther from perfection than just about anybody you would want to know." -Rob Neyer, on

UPDATE: The New York Post's Joel Sherman has investigator John Dowd saying for the first time that he believes Rose bet against the Reds while he managed them. This ought to nip that whole reinstatement thing in the bud...

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 11, 2002 11:10 PM
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