November 13, 2002


SHE WAS A PUNK, HE DID A BLOG: WIth the singular exception of the Middle East, there's not a single argumentative topic on Earth that turns nice people into screaming freaks quite like punk rock. As in, "what is punk?" "Is [so and so] punk, or not?" In the grunge era the same argument coalesced around the word "alternative," to the point where I knew one guy who simply refused to listen to any band that anyone he knew other than himself had heard of. It's really the devolution of music fandom into pure narcissism.
In the guise of a debate over whether or not Avril Lavigne counts as "punk," the hilarious journalistic satirist Neal Pollack spoofs this whole mentality brilliantly.
Because really no matter how punk you are, someone else is gonna say you're not punk enough, and someone else will retort that you're too punk. For a taste of what my college experience was like, take the previous sentence and substitute "punk" with "kosher."

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 13, 2002 08:07 PM
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