November 13, 2002

GUILTY ABOUT 'SEX': Despite my

GUILTY ABOUT 'SEX': Despite my gender, I've always gotten quite a bit of perverse enjoyment out of "Sex and the City." It's about sex, and it's about New York City, and those are both topics of great interest to me. Yet at the same time there's been something about the show that sort of rubbed me the wrong way, yet I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But Lee Siegel, in The New Republic, nails it perfectly "Someday someone will televise the real story of sex and the city and call it Judgment at Nuremberg." After all the dumb things people have been saying and writing about "Sopranos" lately, it's quite refreshing to read something so brilliant about an HBO show.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 13, 2002 05:25 PM
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