September 30, 2002


THE TORCH IS OUT: In the second honorable withdrawal by an Italian-American Democratic candidate from a tri-state political race in as many months, Senator Robert Torricelli announced today that he will drop out of the race for re-election. It was an announcement that, sadly for the Democrats' Senate hopes, should've come six months ago, considering that "The Torch" had been dogged by ethics questions in relation to his dealings with convicted financier David Chang. And while Torricelli was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, his "severe admonishment" by the Senate certainly put a damper on his re-election hopes. Dropping out now was the right thing to do, and might end up being the difference between Democratic or Republican control of the Senate.
My co-workers from last year's McGreevey campaign appeared to be sitting this one out; I've seen no presence of the campaign anywhere in Jersey for The Torch's very close race, while Hudson County was completely blanketed by McGreevey posters and literature even though his election was never seriously in doubt. Rumors say that if the the party bosses can't persuade Frank Lautenberg or Bill Bradley out of retirement for one more race, the pick will be Rep. Bob Menendez- my Congressman- and he's definitely got my vote. It's not like Doug Forrester is anything special anyway.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 30, 2002 07:58 PM
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