September 30, 2002


BEST OF "BEST OF MANHATTAN": It took a whole week, but I finally finished reading New York Press' annual "Best of Manhattan" issue. Great stuff as usual, although nothing compared to last year's classic "Return of Cracky" item. This year's best were the takedown of Esquire's "What Every Man Should Know" feature (it's aimed, you see, at the "Straight Homosexual"- scroll halfway down), and Adam Heimlich's essay on the last ten years of hip-hop (although it makes the cardinal error of referring to Tupac and Biggie's deaths as "The Assassinations.") All in all, a very good effort from the New York Press gang- if you've got six hours to kill at work this week, I recommend checking it out.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 30, 2002 07:42 PM
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