August 28, 2002


BUD SCREWED BUD: By the way, back during the All-Star Game fiasco, we all remember that Bud Selig (a man who wields extreme power to do evil behind the scenes) sat in his front-row seat, made a decision that affected the outcome of what was on the field, and was subsequently booed lustily by the entire crowd. Was anyone else reminded at the time of the regular on-air occurance of Vince McMahon (another real-life bad guy with extreme, behind-the-scenes power) coming to ringside, making a decision to "screw over" the fan favorite and cause him to lose his match, and then getting booed lustily by the entire Smackdown crowd? The Selig-McMahon parallels are just uncanny!

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 28, 2002 12:08 AM
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